Why Adventure Orthodontics is Your Smile’s Best Friend

A smile is a universal language. More importantly, smiling is great for your health too. That’s why we consider having a best smile the key to a well-lived and adventurous life. At Adventure Orthodontics, we do more than equip you with a movie star smile – we ensure that every aspect of your mouth is on point.

We are the best orthodontists in Idaho Falls because we take a scientific approach to address your functional and aesthetic needs. We provide quality service to provide positive experience to our dental patients and to deliver radiant smiles and keep your teeth safe and healthy.

Quality Service

Our treatment philosophy is: Airway First, Face-focused treatment regimens. We understand that jaw and tongue positions can affect your ability to breathe, leading to severe sleep disorders such as Obstructive Sleep Apnea. Whether you’re an adult or a child, we can fix your smile and safeguard your ability to breathe correctly.

We employ Face-Focused orthodontic techniques because we understand that the human face changes with time. Our treatment options are geared towards improving jaw position and providing adequate support for the hard and soft tissues in your mouth.

We shun the traditional techniques that often lead to flatter lips in adults and constricted dental arches, increasing the likelihood of suffering from sleep apnea.

Best Orthodontist Idaho Falls

Adventure Orthodontics is a family-friendly practice, and we’ll take care of your entire family. You can entrust us with your little ones and teenagers, as we safeguard their dental health and wellness. It’s never too early to bring your kids to the best orthodontist in Idaho Falls.

We’ve calibrated our treatment plan to make each visit to our facility pleasant and memorable. Our choice of orthodontic treatments is specially crafted to make you smile, literally. Besides giving you a better smile and improving your dental health, our treatment processes are smooth and painless.

While we want our patients to have a pleasant experience with each visit, we want you to treasure the result. We want you to enjoy the results of our hard work and live your life to the fullest.

Best Orthodontist Idaho Falls

Full-breadth Service

The American Association of Orthodontists recommends a wellness check for your kids at seven years. To this effect, your dentist in Adventure Orthodontics provides a FREE evaluation for your kids. This evaluation helps us assess for potential issues such as overcrowding, misalignments, and airway obstructions.

Early orthodontic care safeguards your child’s dental health and reduces the chances of needing invasive procedures in the future. Early intervention might lower the likelihood of your child needing braces as a teen.

Speaking of teens, commencing orthodontic treatment during the early teen years delivers the best results. Orthodontic treatments are much more effective during these formative years. A growing jaw bone is more accommodative to tooth movement, making it easy to correct bite problems, misalignments, crowding, and jaw alignment.

At Adventure Orthodontics, we use treatment options to help our patients straighten their smiles. Naturally, the type of treatment depends on the severity of the problem. Although we’re a designated Invisalign Teen provider in Southeast Idaho, we carry traditional braces and clear aligners or clear braces.

Customer Service

Orthodontics can be quite daunting, especially for first-timers. At Adventure Orthodontics, we go the extra mile to ease any concerns you may have. Our friendly staff strives to create a cheerful, welcoming, and enabling environment. We take the time to answer questions, understand your concerns, and talk you through any procedure that you or your loved one require.

At Adventure Orthodontics, we respect our patient’s time, and we’ll never keep you waiting for your appointment.

Have any questions or concerns? Schedule a free consultation, and we’ll be happy to help.

Flexible Payment Options

At Adventure Orthodontics, our amazing staff is keen to help you achieve that beautiful smile and keep your teeth healthy. We truly look out for the best interest of our patients and we support numerous payment methods for your paying convenience. Our facility is in-network with most leading orthodontic insurance plans, including MetLife, Guardian, MCNA, UnitedHealthcare, and more.

Some payment methods popular with our patients include cash, check, ETF, and credit card. Paying in full at the time of treatment entitles you to great discounts. Need flexible payment options? The best Idaho Falls Orthodontist offers interest-free financing to qualifying patients.