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Airway Orthodontics

Airway Orthodontics

Helping You Breathe Easier

Parents are often surprised when we ask about their child’s breathing during their first visit. The truth is that pediatric airway problems are often overlooked or go unnoticed, yet can have a dramatic impact on the health of our patients. We firmly believe that orthodontists are perfectly positioned to be the gatekeepers of growing airways. Why? Well simply put, we can see signs and growth problems in the faces and jaws of our patients when they aren’t breathing well. Correcting these problems for our patients can be very rewarding and it is why helping our patients breathe better has become such a passion of ours at Adventure Orthodontics.


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How Do We Diagnose Airway Problems?

All of us should be breathing with mouths closed, tongues positioned in the palate, and passing air nasally. When this does not happen, the tongue muscle is unable to do one of its most important jobs. The tongue muscle works to establish the correct width of the upper jaw by counteracting the inward force of the cheek muscles. When a patient has breathing problems, (such as snoring or mouth breathing) the cheek muscles push against the jaw, narrowing it over time. This will negatively change the appearance of the face and can lead to more dental crowding and potential speech problems.

If you believe your child may have issues with their airway, we always start with a thorough examination of your child’s mouth, cheeks, and throat – in addition to reviewing your child’s medical and dental history. We also provide X-rays and imaging to diagnose any potential airway problems. If any issues are detected, we will refer you to a sleep study specialist or an ENT.

What Happens If My Child Has Airway Problems?

Current research is showing that pediatric airway problems are becoming more prevalent, pediatric sleep apnea and pediatric sleep-disordered-breathing rates are on the rise, and children with airway problems typically have airway problems as adults. What is alarming is that airway problems in our kids are affecting them not just in facial growth and jaw changes but in other development areas. Pediatric sleep apnea has been tied to behavior disorders, lower IQ scores, and deficits in other areas of systemic growth.

Adventure Orthodontics Helps You Breathe Easy

The research is clear and it guides us in providing rewarding outcomes for our patients. A smile that improves their lives and ability to breathe not only in the short term but 40 years down the road. At Adventure Orthodontics, you can trust that if your child is having dental or airway problems – our team is experienced and passionate about diagnosing and treating the root of the issue.

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