Our Pocatello Orthodontist Office

Our Pocatello Orthodontist branch is committed to ensuring that you and your children have healthy teeth and go through life with a confident smile. We provide various orthodontic treatments for children, teenagers, and adult patients to help them achieve a healthy, enchanting smile. 

Our Orthodontic Services in Pocatello, Idaho

Adventure Orthodontics Pocatello utilizes the most advanced treatment techniques and selects the best options to give our clients an optimal experience and produce outstanding results for each client. 

Treatment for Kids

Even though most people associate orthodontic treatments with teenagers, we believe that some patients can benefit from beginning treatment at an early age. Our Adventure Club caters specifically to children.

The Adventure Club is a complimentary guidance program to help you assess your child’s orthodontic needs before or by the age of seven. This practice is consistent with the American Association of Orthodontic practice recommendation that children have a wellness check at the age of seven. 

The evaluation is free at our Pocatello Orthodontist dental clinic in Idaho Falls and aims to provide parents/guardians with information on whether their kids need treatment or the right age to start treatment. 

Treatment for Teens

We believe that the best time to start orthodontic treatment is during the early teenage years. During adolescence, the child is growing and tooth alignment and bite correction can be done more effectively than in late teenage and adulthood. The earlier the intervention, the better the result.

Treatment options for teenagers include: 
•    Traditional Braces
•    Clear Braces 
•    Invisalign

Treatment for Adults

Most people associate orthodontics with teenagers, but they can also improve the dental health of adults. We offer several dental treatment options for adults to help them achieve a bright, healthy smile. The options include:

Accelerated Treatment

Adventure Orthodontics uses AcceleDent Aura technology, which is an industry leader in Accelerated Orthodontics. AcceleDent has been proven to improve teeth alignment 50% faster than traditional methods and is associated with reduced discomfort with orthodontics. 

Pocatello Orthodontics also uses the Propel device, which enhances bone remodeling and tooth movement. The device has been proven to move teeth at twice the average rate in clinical trials.

Snoring & TMJ Therapy

Many people suffer from sleep disorders ranging from insomnia to heavy snoring. Our doctors will assess your sleep problem and determine if it is related to dental alignment. Treatment depends on the individual’s case and can involve inserting a custom-made oral device.

TMJ Therapy seeks to correct problems associated with painful temporomandibular joints (TMJ), which control jaw movement. 

What Makes our Pocatello Orthodontist Office, Idaho Falls Different?

Adventure Orthodontics believes that orthodontic care should achieve three objectives:
•    enhancing the client’s confidence with a bright smile
•    improving the client’s oral function and bite
•    improving the patient’s overall health now and in the future

Our core philosophy is that orthodontic treatment should be Airway First and Face-Focused.

Airway First means that we prioritize the patient’s ability to breathe comfortably. Treatment should improve the client’s ability to breathe.

Face-Focused treatment means that we use orthodontic techniques that improve jaw position and reinforce the hard and soft facial tissues. 

The First Visit to Our Pocatello Orthodontist Clinic

During your first visit to our Pocatello Orthodontist Office, you will meet with either Drs. Layne McCord and Matt McCoy. These two kinds and compassionate souls will tend to you with genuine care and understanding. The first visit will involve obtaining basic information about your dental health. We will:
•    assess your treatment needs and preferences
•    take low-dose X-rays and diagnostic photos of your teeth and jaw
•    develop a customized treatment plan for you
•    answer any questions you may have about dental health and our services

The appointment will take about one hour, and if our doctors recommend it, and you find it convenient, you will get braces on the same day!

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