Dear Patient/Guardian,

This is a customary letter that we use to communicate with patients/parents/guardians regarding the patient’s orthodontic rubber band compliance. During the last orthodontic visit, it became apparent that rubber bands are not being worn as directed, or that they are not being worn for the sufficient amount of time necessary to achieve bite correction.


We remind you of the purpose of orthodontic rubber bands: When used, they apply a constant force to the surrounding teeth and bone. With a sufficient amount of time and force the bone will eventually change and the bite will improve. Corrected bites will need to be held in the proper position long enough for the body to remodel bone to the “new position.”


Unfortunately, intermittent rubber band wear will not apply a sufficient amount of force to achieve any type of beneficial tooth movement.


Our treatment times reflect our estimate of treatment difficulty and national standards of treatment time averages. Orthodontic treatment can happen only as fast as the patient’s physiology will allow. Occasionally, treatments will go overtime due to unforeseen tooth movement difficulties. We will go the extra mile to ensure those treatments progress as efficiently as possible.


However, some treatments are delayed due to poor cooperation with rubber band wear. We want to remind you that if orthodontic treatment extends more than four months past the estimated treatment time due to lack of cooperation and/or breakage, there will be an additional monthly charge until treatment is completed. Please know our goal is to finish treatment before or on time.


If you have any questions regarding your treatment please let us know. We are committed to creating lifelong, fantastic smiles while keeping you well informed of treatment progress.




Layne K McCord, DMD, MS, MS

Matthew S McCoy, DDS, MS