Quality Dental Care at Sugar City Orthodontic Clinic

Adventure Orthodontics is dedicated to providing exceptional, personalized care to all citizens of eastern Idaho. This vision, as well as good customer experience, has persuaded us to launch our new Sugar City Orthodontist facility. Our heritage of providing orthodontic treatments that provide consumers a beautiful smile, enhance their dental health and bite, and have a favorable influence on their overall well-being will continue at the new location.

The Adventure Club

Adventure Orthodontics believes that dental care should begin at a young age. Our Sugar City, Idaho Adventure Club is a professional guidance program designed to assist children receive orthodontic treatment as soon as possible. The program follows the American Association of Orthodontics’ guideline that children under the age of 7 should have a dental health check. We evaluate your child’s orthodontic needs before or at the age of 7 at our Sugar City Orthodontic location.

The program monitors the child’s jaw growth, teeth eruption, dental crowding, and airway development in addition to routine exams.

At our Orthodontic Office in Sugar City, Idaho Falls, the evaluation is free, and our orthodontists will advise parents/guardians on whether the kid need treatment and the importance of early intervention.

Our Sugar City Orthodontic Dental Services for Teens

The ideal age for your child to get orthodontic treatment is when he or she is in their early adolescent years. At this age, the child is rapidly growing, and interventions to address tooth mobility and bite can yield good outcomes.

For our teens patients, we provide a variety of orthodontic treatment options. Traditional braces, Invisalign, and transparent braces are all alternatives. The duration of the treatment plan may vary depending on the severity of the oral issues, but typical orthodontic treatments last between 18 and 30 months.

Adult Dental Procedures

Our Sugar City Orthodontic clinic offers a variety of treatment options to assist individuals attain a bright, attractive, and healthy smile. Depending on individual needs and choices, our resident doctors, Dr. McCord and Dr. McCoy, can prescribe one of the following treatments:


Patients of various ages can benefit from braces. For those who prefer something more subtle, we have standard metal braces and ceramic (transparent) braces.


The patient is given removable plastic aligners to wear with Invisalign. It is almost invisible, which may appeal to individuals who want to keep a natural appearance while undergoing orthodontic treatment.

Our dentists will inform you about all of the possible dental care options when you visit our Sugar City Orthodontic Clinic, so you can choose the best option for you.

Aesthetic Alignment Options


Every two weeks, clear plastic aligner therapy involves wearing and changing clear removable trays. The tooth are softly guided into position by the translucent plastic trays. The AcceleDent Aura option is preferred by the majority of patients since it cuts the treatment duration in half.

Gac mtm Brackets

The GAC mtm bracket system allows patients to have their teeth aligned in an almost invisible manner. The mtm bracket allows for rapid tooth modification, allowing for alignment in as little as 8 to 10 months.

Clarity Advanced Ceramics Brackets

Clarity advanced ceramic brackets are the most advanced cosmetic brackets on the market, and they provide you complete control over your teeth.

Accelerated Treatment

Our Sugar City Orthodontic Facility uses the AcceleDent Aura technology, which is a 20-minute-per-day gadget that achieves orthodontic therapy. It has been clinically shown to straighten the teeth 50% faster than traditional procedures while also reducing discomfort.

Propel (an FDA approved) is a medical device that accelerates rapid tooth movement and bone remodeling.

TMJ Therapy for Snoring

Many people suffer from apnea, or sleep apnea, which is caused by a lack of oxygen. The majority of cases are caused by jawbones and mouth tissues obstructing the airway. The type of dental care needed is determined on the cause of the problem.

The temporomandibular joints (TMJs), which connect the lower jawbone to the skull, are treated using TMJ therapy to address abnormalities. If you believe you have TMD, come to our Sugar City Orthodontic Branch.