Broken Bracket 1

Dear Patient,


At Adventure Orthodontics we strive for excellent treatment outcomes. Part of that success comes from maintaining a high percent of successful bracket adhesion to teeth. Each broken bracket represents a potential 1-month delay in treatment due to the fact that treatment cannot progress.


We consistently track our bracket bonding success percentages. The industry standard for bracket failure rate is approximately 10 percent. In our offices we consistently have bracket failure rates of less than 3 percent! We also understand that accidents can happen, and that often there exists a learning curve on eating and chewing once new braces are placed. With each patient, we expect within reason to have a certain number of broken brackets.


However, you have continued to have a greater than average bracket failure rate. Please keep in mind that if this continues treatment time will be lengthened. If brackets or other orthodontic devices are being deliberately tampered with/broken there will be a charge of $50 to repair each broken bracket. 


Please call if you have any questions.




Layne K McCord, DMD, MS, MS

Matthew S. McCoy, DDS, MS